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Liv co Lifestyle promotes a sexier, edgier image at the reveal of its new campaign – “Guaranteed sexy and fresh scent!”. The Sexy and Fresh scent showed a younger look and feel, fresher new visuals at the event that took place at Clark Field, Pampanga during the 2013 Hot Ar Ballon Fiesta (Feb 21-24).

Liv co lifestyle continues to define its Five Scents that include Maneuver, Seductive, Timeless, Escape and Fall. All of the five scents evoke a sexy and fresh scents which suits the temperate tropical climate that the Philippines have. Furthermore, these scents define a more sophisticated refined image that can only come from Liv Co lifestyle EDT line.




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Would You Like To Travel For Free?

Ive got my first taste of traveling when i was small having to travel to manila on a summer vacation. That time of the year from then on is what i was always looking forward too. When i was in high school my favorite teacher told me she was sure i am going to a lot of places. True enough my career in pfizer allowed me to travel on all key cities in the philippines and abroad. The travel experience for me wether its just a cross country drive or transcontinental is indeed sweet, but not all of us is lucky enough to have such career.

You don’t need to have big savings account to travel. Im amazed by how the likes of Lois Yasay live their lives traveling and made it their career to share their experiences for other people to learn and to earn from it. I say, we can do it too. Ive learned three tips how:

1. Be in a career where you have an opportunity to travel. a business career will involve you meeting clients in other part of the continent or of the world.
2. Work in a travel agency and or an airline company. They have free tickets and hotel accommodation freebies on package. At the minimum, opportunity for this work is a privilege of huge discounts on plane tickets and hotels.
3. Book early at least a year in advance for lower rates and promotions. We have lots of budget airlines and hotels now.

Why now if not soon enough?

I saw this chilling infographic from Earth Xplorer: 10 Places to go Before They’re Gone. Some of the most exciting travel destinations we have are disappearing, some of them shockingly quickly. As presented, We might only have 25 years to visit the Congo Basin, 5 years for that bucket-list-worthy trip to the Taj Mahal. So check out this infographic, and map out some life travels accordingly. USA can wait.

If we can, lets not pass to experience traveling. I believe we all have the thirst for travel we need to satisfy!


Prepare Your Thunderstorm Emergency Kit

Id like to share what you need to prepare and include in your emergency kit:

Water—one gallon per person, per day
Food—non-perishable, easy-to-prepare
Battery-powered or hand crank radio (stand by in NOAH Weather Radio station, 92.3 fm and 630am, if possible)
Extra batteries
First aid kit
Medications (7-day supply) and medical items
Multi-purpose tool
Sanitation & personal hygiene items
Copies of personal documents
Cell phone with charger
Family and emergency contact information
Extra cash

Be safe everyone. Its better prepared, safe than sorry.