Niki Minaj at the Arena

Starships were meant to fly…..boom boroom Bom Bom got me superbase! Yes, after sarah g’s concert on july 7- 24/SG, Niki Minaj will take her turn, and the big night will be on June 11.

A review from the Melbourne concert by take40 blogger stated that- “As the light dimmed across the stadium, the sound of screaming fans and their heavy stomping vibrated and shook the ground beneath me. In their view stood Nicki Minaj’s dancers, all cloaked in black, with the lady of the night standing upon the podium. She too was cloaked with her back facing to the crowd. The sight of her bleached-blonde weave had the fans going crazy, and even more so, when she turned around, pulled off her cloak to reveal her outrageous badonkadonk and kicked the night off with “Roman Holiday”.”

Looking forward to experience this….I’m sure starships will bring the house down.—hisense-arena,-friday-may-18th





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