Values In The Pharmaceutical Field As a Result of Recent Challenges

Terminologies: Territory, tribe, community, domain, area, community, district, field, group, culture, clash, outsider, clique

I’m so amazed when I recently made a fieldwork with our clinicians in the field. The whole concept of Pharmaceutical culture and values in me was disrupted. Managing a group of clinicians and teaching them to observe the positive values was my main goal, only to be shattered by how other pharmaceutical company reps now in the field behave in exactly the opposite manner.

On the first week upon deployment of our clinicians, one of them was bombarded with unruly behavior of shouting cursing by the competitor reps…I was raised in a sales area with high competition spirit, but back then we were cordial and nice to our competitors… If there are unethical behaviors and strategies observed, we resort to competitive reporting but we don’t confront verbally, face to face.

Are these behaviors manifestations of extreme pressure from their companies or desperation for sales and prescription in the midst of pharmaceutical struggles and downsizing?

I’m so proud with our clinicians because they can act professionally despite the harassment and threat- if eyes can kill, my clinicians are dead by now! I’m happy to note too that my staff are doing their job very well, that’s why they become a threat to competition. Yes, our clinicians are just doing their job and they are observing the ethical standard of promotions and marketing.



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